As lockdown turns from weeks into months, it’s tempting to let your style take a back seat in favour of comfort.

But there is a whole bunch of reasons to keep looking good during lockdown. Read on to find out why keeping stylish is the key to navigating lockdown and beyond.

Reason 1: Looking Good Means Looking Professional

Working from home during lockdown means conducting your meetings on video. Grooming yourself just as you would if you were attending a regular meeting is important. Wearing outfits appropriate for your role and paying attention to your look will not only help you come across as professional, but will also give you the confidence to own the meeting.

Reason 2: Looking Good Projects Positivity

We’re all going through tough times, so dressing up provides some much-needed positivity for you and those around you. Not only will you wow your colleagues on work calls, you can spread some cheer amongst family and friends on your video catch-ups. Everyone loves a cheerful soul, so why not be the person that spreads happiness wherever they go?

Reason 3: Looking Good Helps Normality

The times we are going through will pass, so preparing to return to the real world is essential. Keeping well-dressed is a good habit to get into, as not only will it give you a sense of normality now, it will make the transition back to the office so much easier too.

Reason 4: Looking Good Makes You Feel Good

Looking good makes you feel good too. When you take care of your outfit and appearance, you get a free, instant boost of positive vibes. Your look communicates how you feel, so a well-put-together outfit topped off with a smile creates a “virtuous circle.” Other people will react favourably toward you and you will feel even more vibrant and alive.

Reason 5: Looking Good Boosts Self-Esteem

If you feel good, your self-esteem gets a boost too, helping you to project even more positive vibes to others. How you use fashion to highlight your best features also gives self-esteem a lift. This is something many of us could do with right now as we’re deprived of our usual interactions, and are seeking a bit of normality. Experimenting with different styles and using colour to lift or calm your mood are excellent ways to play with fashion during lockdown and reconnect with the best version of you.

Looking good is more important than ever during lockdown, so why not use this time to maintain your style standards and even experiment a little to find your true fashion identity?

Kerry Brownell