A little bit about me……

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and beauty and having worked in the beauty industry for the past 20 years, I’ve noticed many females (and many males too) lack confidence in themselves and have low self-worth in certain areas of their lives.

I’ve realised that most of women’s lack of confidence is due to the unknown, not knowing, their lack of knowledge.

No one had ever shown them how to look after their skin and implement a skin care regime as a young teenager, no one showed them how to apply basic make-up, and certainly there was no one who was able to make the correct styling choices for them, or more importantly give kind, constructive criticism about what they were wearing.

My life experiences

So, I started to dress my friends and helped them with their outfit choices.   My passion began and I started on a journey.  I worked as a Flight Attendant, I educated myself within the beauty industry, I started my own business, worked as a make—up artist on photoshoots, TV commercials, and weddings, I worked in sales in the skincare and make-up industry. 

Then a small roadblock got in my way called breast cancer and it made me realise that I had several skills I could offer to ladies who had been through a similar experience.  I could show them how to camouflage their physical imperfections, I could help build back their confidence and make them feel better about themselves, but there were also ladies who hadn’t been through a similar experience who still needed help!

“Clothes really are just a tool”

Clothes really are just a “tool” to help build a person’s confidence and help improve their body image through a styling makeover. Through this experience, my clients have enjoyed significant changes in their lives.  To see the difference in their body language and a smile on their faces when they leave my studio, is very rewarding and is hope that I’ve made a difference in their lives and yours too!




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