Have you ever felt a little flat and you’re not sure why? Sometimes it can be from the colours that we are wearing.

Colours can make us feel different emotions and make or break your outfit. When we look closer, it’s how the colour reflects on you that can actually make you feel this way and how you look.

The correct colours will make:

  • the colour of your eyes pop
  • your whites look brighter
  • the eyes look lifted
  • even your skin complexion
  • you look healthier

The wrong colours will:

  • drain the colour from your face,
  • make you look flat,
  • make you look unwell,
  • make you look tired,
  • enhance the darkness under your eyes *create an uneven complexion.

Book in for your Colour Analysis to get your very own personal assessment about what colours to choose when shopping for your wardrobe.

It also includes a customised take home colour swatch.

Duration 1.5 hrs