A Little Bit About Me…

Kerry Brownell

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and beauty. In my work in the industry over the past 20 years, I’ve helped countless people overcome their lack of confidence in themselves and freely express themselves through fashion and beauty.

My Life Experiences

So, it all started with me dressing my friends and helping them with their outfit choices in our younger days.

I worked as a flight attendant, and following that I educated myself within the beauty industry and started my own business.

This led me to working as a make-up artist on photoshoots, TV commercials, and weddings.

Following this, I worked in sales in the skincare and make-up industry. 

Then a small roadblock got in my way called breast cancer and it made me realise that I had skills I could offer to ladies who had been through a similar experience. 

I could show them how to camouflage their physical imperfections, I could help build their confidence up again and make them feel better about themselves.

Now, I’m here to help people from all walks of life unlock a new version of themselves through my kind, constructive approach to personal styling. 

“Clothes really are just a tool”

My philosophy is that clothes are just a “tool” to help build a person’s confidence and help improve their body image. Through my styling sessions, clients have enjoyed significant changes in their lives. 

To see the difference in their body language and a smile on their faces when they leave my studio is very rewarding.

The Studio 

Located in Warners Bay, just 15km from Newcastle, New South Wales is our wonderful studio.

Designed to make you feel at ease, the spacious studio is also kitted out with some luxe furniture and detailed touches to give you an incredible pampering experience.

I am ready to help people in the Warners Bay, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley areas unlock their newfound confidence!