We’ve all had to get used to virtual meetings over the last few months, but have we nailed the art of looking good on camera?

Whether you’re using Zoom for work or to catch up with family and friends, it helps to know what looks good and what doesn’t when you’re on-screen.

We offer a few tips on creating the best impression on all your video calls.

Dressing For Work

It’s OK to relax the rules when you’re working from home, but still be mindful that you need to strike the balance between smart and casual.

Of course, the great news is that if you are seated throughout your Zoom meeting, then you need only worry about your top half.

(Disclaimer: If you’re wearing worn sweatpants on your bottom half, remember to switch the camera off before you get up at the end of your meeting)!!!!!!!

Opt for a plain blouse and avoid patterns and stripes which don’t work well on screen. Neutral colours work well, as do solid colours in tones of blue and green which look great on everyone.

Accessories will instantly give you a put-together look. Go for one standout piece like a chunky necklace or some dangly earrings.

Don’t forget your personal grooming. You don’t have to go for full-blown makeup, but a slick of lipstick and casually styled hair translates well.

Dressing For Family And Friends

If you’re catching up with family and friends on Zoom, you can relax a little, but be mindful that no one wants to see you looking like you’ve just tumbled out of bed. It gives the impression that you just don’t care.

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. It’s fine to keep it casual in your favourite T-shirt or hoodie — but keep that hood down. Your loved ones want to see your face and read your expressions as you chat.

If you’re taking part in a Zoom party you can spice things up. If you’re a little shy about experimenting with fashion, now is the time to do it as stepping into a Zoom party is a whole lot less intimidating than in real life.

Have fun with colours and styles that you haven’t tried before, and which could form a talking point with your family and friends.

Bonus Tips For Looking Great On Zoom
  • Sit facing a natural light source for a great effect.
  • Position your head in the middle of the screen.
  • Angle the camera square-on or looking slightly down at you for a flattering look.
  • Keep your background uncluttered.
  • Don’t forget to smile!
Kerry Brownell