Personal Styling Session


Just you and me in the privacy of my styling studio!


A personalised one on one service to address all your wardrobe issues, mind set blocks, help you save money and show you how to create a wardrobe that is going to work for you effortlessly now.

What you will learn:

  • Which colours compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone
  • Which key items of clothing are essential to have in your wardrobe
  • How to create a trans-seasonal wardrobe with classic pieces, not ‘fast’ fashion pieces
  • Find out what your body shape is
  • Which styles of clothing suit you best, based on your height, body shape, size, and lifestyle
  • How to change your look quickly through accessorising using jewellery, shoes, and bags
  • Which styles of shoes to look for based on your colouring and size

What you will receive:

  •  A personalised one on one
  •  Customised take home colour swatches
  •  A customised emailed Styling Summary outlining:

- Styling tips, do’s and don’ts for your shape and size, 
- Ongoing support for you when out and about shopping and editing your own wardrobe
- Pictures to show the styles of clothing suitable for your body shape
- Confidence & Compliments

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